Python dependencies

The requests library is needed. Currently FetchSyn is compatible with python 2 & 3.

Executing the scripts

After downloading the scripts they can be executed from the command line either by explicitly invoking python or by making the scripts executable and installing the path to python in the first line. To explicitly invoke python to execute a script type the following:

$ python FetchSyn

Help menu to list parameters

To access the help menu, which lists all input parameters:

$ FetchSyn -u


To generate a synthetic for IU.ANMO for the Tohoku earthquake using it’s GCMT origin and moment tensor:

$ FetchSyn -N IU -S ANMO -evid GCMT:M201103110546A

Same request, but add station KIP and make the source depth 35km and return the vertical (Z), radial (R) and transverse (T) components rather than the default ZNE components:

$ FetchSyn -N IU -S ANMO,KIP -C ZRT -evid GCMT:M201103110546A -sdepm 35000

Same request, but:

$ FetchSyn -N _GSN -model prem_a_20s -dt 0.05 -format mseed -units velocity -start P-10 -end 300 -A "Joe Seismologist" -C ZRT -evid GCMT:M201103110546A -sdepm 35000

Manually input source and use a file with a list of receivers

Example using a text file with receiver names. Each line of the receiver file is an example of valid formatting. The networkcode, stationcode, locationcode in the later lines is optional.


II *
-89 -179
-89 -178 S0002
-89 -177 N2 S0003 L2

Manually input the origin using a double couple source (strike,dip,rake[,optional_scalar_moment_in_NM])

$ FetchSyn -recfile rec.txt -origin 2011,03,11,05,46,24 -slat 38.3 -slon 142.3 -sdepm 24400 -dc 203,10,88,5.3e22 -C Z